MTC Week 4

Hi hi!

We’ve passed our halfway point in the MTC and we are working hard over here. I can not believe how fast these days fly by. A little about this past week…
Firstly, when you get over 2,000 people coming from all over the world in a small “campus-like” area, you are bound to get sick at some point. And that was me this week. I probably slept the most I have in that one day than I have since I’ve been here but we’re working through that!
Secondly, my soa (companion) is a genius in the language which is such a blessing to me because she helps me so much! We teach almost every day and have to speak 80% Samoan each day. Our district/class is so great though and we have really come together and are learn and grow from each other every day. There’s 12 of us total Samoan speaking which is one of the largest classes so we really have to stay focused.
Sunday evening we watched “Meet The Mormons” which is a movie that shows the diverse lives of 6 LDS members and it was sooo good. If you’ve never seen it, look it up and watch it!!! It’s narrated by the comedian Jenna Jones! So good.
I heard this thought from the speaker at our Sunday devotional by Stephan Allen, he said, “Are we just being “employee’s” of the Lord or are we making an investment?” Although being here, serving a mission, I have voluntarily chosen to be here, and no I don’t get paid to be here, but what this means to me is that I am a missionary more than just my 6am-10pm days. And we all can be that. Being a representative of Jesus Christ does not mean only when people are looking. It’s in our thoughts, our intentions, our actions. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not my job, it’s what I am striving to be each and every minute of the day. Christ is so full of love and if our goal is to follow the example of Jesus Christ we should strive to be full of love too! I’d invite you to do a conscious act of service every single day this next week. I promise that as you serve others, even in small acts, you are becoming as Christ is. And oh He is magnificent. So full of love, perfect love. I know this because I have felt His love. Especially throughout this time here in the MTC, through all the trials and the challenges that come from this and I want nothing more than to share that.
I love all of you, and so so grateful for you and your thoughts and prayers.
Never forget you are a child of God. 🙂
Much love,
Sister Coggins
– My favorite Australian who is going to be serving in FIJI!! She always makes fun of me for saying “yall” and now I have her saying it (which is hilarious)
– My soa and our other Samoan-serving sisters (we’re roommates)
– Sister Butte and I after an early morning Temple session ❤

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