MTC Week 6

Malo Soifua! O a mai oe?!

I wish I could explain the way this past week has been and how I feel as we prepare to leave the MTC. I am so grateful to be here, serving the Lord and preparing to serve the people of Samoa. We got our flight plans in the mail and 7 of us are heading out of Utah on Sunday around 1 to catch a flight to LAX, then to New Zealand and then right to Samoa where we will all separate and get to work! I do want to say thank you thank you thank you, for the wonderful support you have all been to me. We’ve been told to let our friends and family know to expect letters in Samoa and not necessarily email. It really does depend on the area we are in but just a heads up!
So yeah this will be my last email from the Missionary Training Center, and my last email from the US for the next 17 months!! And I have never been so grateful. So grateful to be doing the Lords work, to be teaching and sharing the beautiful message of Jesus Christ. But I know that I am nothing. I am weak. But waht I do know is that I can do all things through Jesus Christ, through His strength. I know that Christ is not just waiting for us at the finish line, He’s not waiting for us to fall down and then help us get back up, no. He is with us each and every step of the way! I am grateful to feel of His love for me each day. He didn’t just make a sacrifice for us, He made an investment in us, He wants us to return to live with our Father in Heaven again and as we mess up and make mistakes, we need not to look for excuses or escapes, I’d invite you all to look for the Lord.
There are missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints serving many many places in the world and probably in an area very close to you! I’d invite you if you ever see them to say hello to them, give them two minutes of your time, maybe even invite them to lunch or a dinner with you, mention to them that you know someone who is serving as well, because I bet they are a long ways from home too just as I will be in Samoa!

There never seems to be enough time to say all that I want to say but I hope that you know that I love you all and pray for you each day.

E muamua ona si’i le vi’iga me fa’afetai i lo tatou Tama Fa’alelagi mo lenei avenoa fa’asoa se mafaufau fa’aleagaga. Ou te iloa o le Atua o lo tatou Tama Fa’alelagi me o i tatou a Ana fanua. Ma e mafai one tatou fo’i atu i le Atua. Ou te iloa e ala ai Iesu Keriso e mafai one tatou manumalo i agasala ma oti. Ou te iloa o le Tusi a Mamona o le upu moni me e moni le Talalelei a Iesu Keriso. Ma ou te iloa e moni lenie mea e ala i le Agaga Pa’ia me i fa’amanuiaga ‘ua ou maua. ‘Ona o leni molimau, ‘ua ou iloa e tali mai le Atua i a tatou tatalo.
Ou te fa’afetai mo le talalelei ma mo le alofa o lo tatou Tama Fa’alelagi. I le suafa o Iesu Keriso, amene.
Sista Kakenisi

– All the Samoan Speaking, we all split for Samoa/New Zealand and California this week 😦
– ie lavalavas!!!! And our favorite Samoan teacher Brother Kinnison
– Our classroom for the psat 6 weeks – FA!!!
– Last temple walk

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