MTC Week Two

One week down already?! I hope everyone is doing well! I have loved hearing from everyone and the encouraging words and notes have been so much appreciated… I mean it! It’s hard out here, but absolutely worth every minute. We have been crazy crazy busy which is totally a good thing. The days go by super slow but the weeks fly by! I feel like I can’t even remember all that I’ve done as the days seem to all run together. So this is kind of a snipbit of my week, even with keeping a journal I never remember all that we’ve done.

When we first got here all the older missionaries were like just make it through Sunday, just make it through Sunday! I was so curious as to what about Sunday would be so different, why was that the day to get through. All I can say is that they were right. Sunday has been my best day here yet. I am so grateful for that day of rest. It was such a time of personal reflection, and being spiritually fed all day. No focus on language, or grammar, or training in our teaching. We met as a branch and had the most amazing Sacrament meeting I think I’ve had. I wish I could better explain it. Sundays we are allowed off grounds for a Sunday walk where we go and walk around, take pictures with our district (or class). It’s a nice little get away.
My companion and I have joined the MTC choir which has been one of the highest highlights of my week! The power of song is so amazing and it brings back memories from home. Very comforting feeling (and get-away from all the studies). We sang Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer. PLEASEEEE go listen to it. It’s so so beautiful. We sang it for Elder Bednar who came to our Tuesday night devotional! Super super neat. The whole devotional was broadcasted live to the other 14 or so MTC’s around the world. If you look it up I wont be hard to find, I’m literally in the brightest yellow dress you’ll ever see hahaha.
We have class 6 hours a day for language which sounds intense and it is. But it’s so great even though I understand little to nothing :)))) We have taught 4 lessons now in complete Samoan that have slowly been improving. We work super hard and my companion has picked up the language very well compared to others (cough cough me) but it’s okay! It’s only day 9.
This week I have really been focusing on humbling myself and focusing on my purpose. And that is for others. No part of me serving a mission is for myself at all! Learning this language, learning the principles of the gospel, it’s not for me. It’s for those in Samoa who I will be teaching. I was reading during one of my personal studies in John 13 which is when Christ washed the feet of the 12 apostles. He did this knowing one of them would betray him… Judah. Although I have read and read this story over again, yesterday it had a new meaning to me. Am I sometimes Judah, who betrays Christ? Maybe not completely as he had, but when we choose not to follow the commandments of the Lord or even think un-Christlike thoughts to a neighbor, a friend, our family members? Yet Christ still washed the feet of the man who he knew would betray him. He being the Master gave service to his servants. I love that so much and have really been reflecting on that recently. I’m so grateful for the love that the Savior has for me knowing that I am not perfect and will mess up. Those men whose feet the Savior washed were so humbled by having Him do this service to them when they felt like they should be washing His feet. But to serve someone is to love someone. In ways I feel like I too have had my “feet washed” by the Savior…. With little tender mercies that come day-to-day and little shouts of encouragement from everyone at home and through out my branch here. It so amazing.
I miss y’all lots! It feels like I’ve been here for months! Thanks for keeping in touch with me, as I check my email through out the week it’s so nice seeing the loving and encouraging words. They really help me push along. Keep keeping on!! Until next Friday, have a great week!!
– My district and I as we got out of class at 9pm celebrating with donuts sent in from one of the moms.
-My district and I at the temple
-MY soa (companion) and I
-Samoan and tongan speaking sisters ❤
-Soa and I this morning on P-DAY aka NORMAL CLOTHES :))

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