Samoa Week 3!

Malo lava!!

Oh what a week! Time really flies! It’s been the fastest week yet also the slowest week of my mission, how does that happen? Highest of high’s here but also some of the lowest of lows, again, how does that happen? I’m not quite sure myself, but what I do know is that this week has really taught me the importance, the necessity of turning to our Father in Heaven. For help but mostly for thanks! Thanks for the many, many, maybe small, but many tender mercies the Lord brings to us as we walk the roads of sunny Samoa. We are following the “Follow Our Savior Jesus Christ. In 25 Ways. Over 25 Days.” program from that has also helped to really see how we can walk, talk, and teach just has Christ had. I’d encourage you to follow it as well this month of December!
So I’ve been asked lots of questions lately so figured I’d answer all at once!
If I could attach a photo of our fale (house) I would but I have no way to do that in this area but basically it’s a one room little house with two beds, a table, 3 chairs, a dish sink, a bathroom and a washboard. Our fale looks nothing like anyone else’s here… on Savaii (the island that I’m serving on) people’s fale’s are a slab of concrete surrounded by lava rock and then poles lining the edges of the house and then a roof. So, completely open! You see right through them, the dogs and chickens walk right through them.
We have 2 beds in our fale which is also rare, but often times we sleep on the floor on a weaved mat because it’s cooler. And surprisingly more comfy… It doesn’t get cold here so we don’t have blankets, the most you want is an ie (lava lava) over you. Maybe.
The food here is so good and so different! We have fafaga everynight which is a blessing because I know some areas don’t, but that’s where we go to a different members home and they prepare a meal for us. LOTS OF TARO! And fish, chicken and pig! And then of course Koko Samoa which I could live off of… So good. My soa and I either eat fala, esi or cold oatmeal oats, milk and sugar, “cereal” in the mornings and then eat again at fafaga in the evenings!

Our daily schedule is busy busy busy but we love it. The Lords work is incredible. Our day starts start a 6:30 and we either run or play basketball until 7, our studies start at 8 and go until noon with personal study, companion study/training and then language study. Then out we go to teach and share the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ until we come in for the day at 9:30 and then we plan our next day and are out by 10:30. It’s not hard to fall asleep here, we are working hard.

So I will share more experiences next week for sure, I hope all are doing well!!! I’d encourage you to really look for the tiny miracles each day brings and never forget to turn to your Father in prayer to thank him. He is so gracious and filled with blessings he wants to pour out to us. Have an amazing week! Alofa Atu!

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