Samoa Week 4!

Malo Soifua!

Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit! We are too! Although there is no snow, no christmas trees, or lights we have been really focusing on how we can even “celebrate Christmas” all year round… celebrating the life of Jesus Christ. Because it’s through Him that we get our strength, through Him that we can be cleansed from our sins, sorrows, and pains, and through Him that we can live with our Father in Heaven again. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ.

We celebrated Thanksgiving last week (yes, Samoans will use an excuse to get together and eat lots of food) and we have two Kerisimasi parties coming up and lots and lots of Size 2 to be eaten (PIG) So good! This past weekend we had 2 beautiful baptisms for Sivalavala and her cousin, Fetuia’i. These girls are two bright rays of sunshine. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach them and their families especially during this Christmas season! Enjoy these times with your families!!

It’s a pretty stormy season right about now so the storms come every night just about, and pretty hard especially since we’re right on the water! Sometimes we sit in front of our door with it open because it’s finally some cool air and a light misting which is so nice hahaha. But our house is small and it shakes which is pretty hard to sleep through but we’re grateful for the roof over our heads. Also, horses will like just run past our house through out the night some nights and they are so loud!! We’re like really?!?!?! Hahaha and then we laugh because when does that ever happen? Haha only in Samoa….

Again, so grateful to be here with these people, with these experiences. Love every day and live everyday! Represent Jesus Christ in all that you do, especially this month as we celebrate His birth. I do receive my strength through Him, and you can too. He wants you too. Stay safe!! Love and miss y’all!

Until next week, hopefully 🙂
Sister Coggins

p.s. Finally got a way to upload pictures!! Yay!

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