Samoa Week 7

Hey there! It’s sure been a while… I hope everything has been good! And Manuia le tausaga foe! Happy New Year! Ours sure was exciting! In bed by 10:30 and everything!!!! 🙂

So I’ve been transferred! I am now serving in two areas called Samalaeulu and Patamea. They are more so on the backside of the island, and it is quite different than my first area, Salelologa! I really really miss Salelologa BUT we are actually here now in my old area waiting to pick up our car! Yeah we get a car in this area!!!  Samalaeulu was my Soa’s first area…how lucky is she to  be sent back?! It’s been really hard adjusting though, especially when we’re going into an area where she was so loved and I’m still super new! We don’t have email in our area but I sent a letter when I got transferred, maybe you’ve received that already!

Wow I can’t even imagine what snow is like right now… send some our way!!! It’s rain season and we’ve actually had to stay home from proselyting because of the severe storms. Crazy! But we are loving the cool weather. We’ve actually been cold lately! I wore a sweater out the other day…. but it’s because in this new area we are more in the vao (forest) so no more beach 😦 This new area has been dead for a long time and so we were sent to try to get it back up and going, except our area book is empty so we are pretty much starting fresh. (STRESS THE AREA BOOK TO YOUR MISSIONARIES) I just feel so sad for all the souls that may get forgotten about without records… but I miss y’all bunches. This area is pretty tough, I’m not going to lie. Lots of reliance on our Heavenly Father, that’s for sure. No one speaks English and the accent back here is really thick. This area is less developed, so our resources are really limited. Honestly, this area is how I imagined Samoa. The culture is a lot stronger, so we have to do all of those formal speeches I totally forgot from the MTC!

Sorry my thoughts are scrambled we get like 10 minutes to email waiting for the boat!

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