Samoa Week 9

Hey there!

So, lots of things from the past few weeks! Sister Long and I just opened a new area for Sisters on Savai’i! So we now cover 4 areas! It’s right on the water, so there are tons of resorts in this area with beaches and villages of huts along the water. It’s beautiful! We are in two districts now, which is kind of crazy, but we go as the Lord calls! President came to us directly, which was such a cool blessing because he is a busy man. He also sent a Sister Training Leader over to us and we are being trained for leadership positions! Sister Poche (the STL) leaves in about 7 weeks, so there’s lots to learn from her! And I really do learn every single minute from her. She just speaks by the Spirit and is so loveable. She has worked closely with President for many months so I am trying to soak it all in before she leaves. She has truly changed this mission and I’m grateful to have her in this TRIO with us right now.

Other crazy news, I’m living the Samoan life to the fullest now…. barefoot proselyting!! Why? Sooo I’ve gotten my first boil hahaha. It started out as what I thought was just a mosquito bite, and then it got infected and got bigger and bigger and kept on growing to about the size of a quarter and maybe an inch and a half tall… It’s crazy though, it’s right on my big toe, and it is quite painful! I called the mission nurse after staying up all night from the pain and she old me not to pop it and put hot water on it for 20 min 3x a day and it’ll pop on its own… Well it continued to grow and grow and my shoes stopped fitting, and foot was a balloon and my soa was finally like, Okay we’re going to the hospital. So we go and they do the exact opposite of what our nurse said to do, and they tried to pop it!! Wowowza was it painful. And so much blood… Nothing else was coming out and we were making jokes like, “You know what, go ahead and just cut it off, cut the whole foot off!” We’re all laughing and stuff, even the doctors, and then she goes, “Let me go get the surgical doctor” … We all got real serious, real fast like, “Wait what is about to happen?!” And I’m over here thinking, Oh my goodness I’m going to lose my foot in Samoa!!! He comes back and tells me they are going to numb my toe and give it a “little nick” as he holds up this needle and a knife…. No more laughing 😦 This was the most excruciating pain that I could think of. He tells me to turn away now as he goes to give me the shot but I didn’t, and I totally flinched when he tried and it poked me and blood was everywhere. Man it was bad. And these people do not know what they were doing… Thinking back, we don’t know why we didn’t stop it… Anyway, they cut into it, cleaned it out, wrapped it up and tell me to come back in two days. When we went back, my bandage was all black from blood and nasty-ness and I have to continue going back every two days to get it changed. The swelling has gone down a lot though but still can’t wear shoes! Only me….. But my stake president and bishop gave me a blessing and it was incredible. Actually, since that blessing, there has been a change in those two. Their attitudes have changed about us and we have received a lot of help from them! You can’t bless someone without loving them and this has been honestly a turning point for the work in just a matter of a week!

We had two baptisms this week, Fu’a and Naete. Fu’a is 10 and is truly converted to the Lord. Her light is so bright and she is so eager to learn more. And Naete is now working towards getting sealed in the temple to her husband and her 3 children! This work is incredible and the blessings from it are eternal. I am so grateful for this gospel and this opportunity to serve. Hope you get the letters soon! I still haven’t received the package so hopefully it comes soon!!
Love you bunches! Hope all this makes sense, we have little internet access, but I’m grateful to share bits with y’all 🙂
Sister Coggins

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