Samoa Week 13

Hey hey! How have y’all been?! Man do I love y’all. I am so grateful for this gospel.

Lots of changes this week! Things are always changing it feels like, but it keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure! We had a conference with our mission president on Monday and it was incredible… he wants us to “throw our life up on the wall” and I’ve really enjoyed doing that… We now are planning up to 3 months in advance for everyyyything: Baptisms, temple trips, our own personal growth goals, you name it. This way, each new month we aren’t starting over. It just makes sense… It’s really neat and helps to keep you excited about the work and helps to balance all your investigators and set goals for them to fast and pray. Progression is fun! This work is fun!
And so with the changes, since the new MTC group just came in, we sent Sisters to the area Sister long and I just opened. So now they have Sisters who actually live in that area, which is incredible because there is so much work there and now these Sisters can truly focus on all of them each day. With that though, we are trying to move more and more Sisters to this island (Savai’i) because it’s just barely been opened up and there’s lots to do!
So I actually received a new soa, Sister Akauri! She is the cutest, shortest, little sister and I am so happy to be with her. She just got to Samoa on Saturday so I’ll be training her in here in Savai’i! Such a beautiful island… And Sister Long got transferred to Manu’a! A different island!! And country! (American Samoa) hehe. I miss her sweet spirit, but I am so grateful for the way she trained me. To be faamaoni in the work, true to the Lord and exactly obedient. She’s training over there too! I know that she will be a great leader in this mission. That island is lucky to have her strong testimony! And singing voice… 🙂
But we are covering a new area now too! It’s called Letui (try to find it on a map!) it’s past the area that just opened up (Paia), about an hour drive from where we are now, so we stay a night there and then stay a night in Samalaeulu and travel back and forth. There are 4 members there in Letui! There’s no church building there so we hold an hour Sunday School class in their home (because the 4 members are all in the same family and it’s also the family we live with).
Sister Akauri is 21 years old from Papuanewguinea! She speaks 4 languages: Pigin, Suki, Motu and English! I am grateful for the trust our Heavenly Father has in me to be training her, and if he can have the trust in me, then I will have trust in him. Miracles come after a trial of your faith and I am just so excited… If you could only imagine the flood of doubts that came in when I received the calling, but Satan makes everything bigger than what it actually is, makes things seem worse than it is and this change isn’t bad at all! Yes, I am now the senior companion with still very little experience, but yesterday as we invited someone to come unto Jesus Christ, he didn’t say yes because our language was good, he said yes because he felt the Savior’s love for him, he felt the Spirit, and he desires to follow Jesus Christ.
My time is up and wish I could tell you a million more things but know that I love you so so much and I do know that this gospel blesses families and individuals. Jesus Christ lives and he is our Savior.
Alofa atu!
Sister Coggins

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